Change is Messy

I have been studying to become a certified nutritionist for some months now
During my reading of the materials, one of the chapters had a message that resonated with me and my experience coaching people for the last ten years
It was a three-word sentence, but I found it to be profoundly true and simple for helping people with nutrition and training
Change is messy
I’ll repeat it, wanting to change yourself is messy
Life can be challenging, and improving your health and mindset isn’t always an upward trajectory
We lead imperfect lives and often expect unrealistic expectations of ourselves
We tend to beat ourselves up when we hit setbacks
Many times you will often take three steps forward and two back
Regression is perfectly normal because you are an imperfect human being
The more you understand your behaviors and identify those that aren’t helping you, you can make better decisions
Change is often uncomfortable because it requires you to look in the mirror, and many times you don’t like what you see
The mere fact you are looking at yourself and wanting to change is progress towards improvement
We as humans are inclined to better ourselves instinctively but our environments can get in our way at times
Work, family and self-doubt can often prevent you from reaching your potential
For you to take more steps forward, you need to be present daily with your choices
You need to know that simple, meaningful daily actions can progress you towards your goals
You don’t need to train six times a week or count every calorie to reach your goals
Be realistic with yourself, and your mindset will thank you for it