A man holding a kettlebell

Training your Legs to Achieve Your Dream Physique

In my more than a decades of experience in personal training, I’ve come to learn that the most important and most neglected muscle is the quads and legs. I see so many guys who train their upper body and neglect their quads because, let’s face it, it’s hard. Yes, training legs suck, and it takes everything you have to get through the workout on leg day. Nobody said weightlifting was comfortable, and quite frankly, that’s why most people don’t get into it. If you want to look like an athlete, in addition to the ripped abs and toned arms,  you need to train your legs at least once a week. You should be incorporating squats, dead lifts, single-leg lunges and squats, side lunges, and Romanian dead lifts and whole-body compound movements into your workout.


Do you want to know what else the benefits of training legs for men is? It helps naturally keep your T or testosterone levels up. Why? Because your quads and legs are the biggest muscle group on your body. When you train these muscles regularly, it helps maintain your testosterone due to the muscle mass. Since your legs are the biggest muscle group in your body, there are going to burn the most calories. You can take advantage of this with your workouts by making legs the focus if you are trying to burn fat and bring out muscle definition. If you want results, it’s crucial to follow the right diet plan according to your goals. Combining the proper diet and a progressive training program creates a synergy to fast track the physique you want.


As I mentioned earlier, weight training isn’t easy, and the results sure don’t come as fast as you want. When they do is when the magic happens, and you can start to see yourself change. It merely takes time and consistency with the right mindset. The willingness to put in the work is the only difference between those that achieve and those that fail. I wish you prosperous and good health.