The Militant Vegan Protein Powder Exhibit

Self Care What is it Good For

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The Militant Vegan Protein Powder Exhibit

I run into many people between coaching and promoting The Militant Vegan brand.


Nutrition is usually the main topic of conversation and how it relates to your health.


Especially this time of year when everyone gets sick with the flu or some respiratory illness.


One of the most common issues I encounter is people running on both ends and needing to pay attention to themselves.


I always preach you have to take care of yourself to be the most productive and bear the load of caring for others.


Taking care of yourself isn’t about spending time in a gym and eating broccoli.


Everyone’s fitness paradigm is different, but you should have a basic standard that includes daily healthy meals and adequate hydration, proper sleep habits, and moving your body a minimum of three times per week.


I have had countless encounters where someone tells me about their diet issues and how they feel.


I always use the analogy of a car engine and putting low-octane or bad gas in the tank.


Your engine will sputter, not idle well, and generally lose horsepower and functionality.


Your body isn’t any different.


If you feed yourself the wrong fuel and ignore yourself, you will feel bad or subpar in what you’re capable of.


Some of the most basic foundations for health often get ignored. Here are three things you can implement to improve your health if you aren’t doing them now.


  1. Stay Hydrated properly. People don’t drink enough water, and I can’t preach this enough. Take electrolytes and drink water. You should urinate clearly at least once a day.
  2. Eat cruciferous vegetables. That old saying eat your vegetables can’t ring any more valid here. People don’t eat enough fiber in their diets, and you would be amazed and what the right amount of fiber can do for your gut. Remember, if your gut is not healthy, you are not healthy.
  3. You need to move your body a minimum of thrice a week. Choose an activity or activities such as biking, walking, jogging, the gym, or whatever makes you stay consistent in moving your body.

Try it out for a month, track your progress and see how you feel.